The charities of Wandele naor Schandele 2023 have been announced!

How can we help you?

The charities of Wandele naor Schandele 2023 are now known. For our 8th edition, we have once again chosen two wonderful initiatives that support many people.

The national charity we collect for is the KWF.

The consequences of cancer are often overwhelming. KWF is therefore committed to initiatives that help people further. For example, they are working on life-changing research to fight cancer. But they are also committed to a better life with the disease through, among other things, centers for living with and after cancer.

Children’s hospice Kwatro
The local charity this year is Kinderhospice Kwatro.

Children’s hospice Kwatro wants to bring bright spots for seriously ill children, for their parents and for their brothers and sisters. We relieve in care, so that a child, no matter how long or how short it lives, gets better again or is terminally ill, can live its best and most beautiful life. If children are seriously or incurably ill, this is a heavy burden to bear for the child, but also for the rest of the family. Kwatro therefore wants to support the entire family, practically and emotionally, to alleviate dark times. Kwatro now offers holistic child care at home and in the hospital. In addition, we are building the house of Kinderhospice Kwatro, which will be located at Venrayseweg 89 in Horst. A house as a home, as a resting point, so that there is play and breathing space for children and their parents, to be able to live fully together. By “Wandele naor Schandele” you also bring bright spots: thank you!

We look forward to giving both organizations a well-deserved helping hand on behalf of our participants!