Sunday, Sept. 17

13th edition

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Limit times
The limit times are as follows:
10 km: 90 minutes
5 km: 45 minutes
2.5 km: 30 minutes

Also this edition it is again possible to leave your bag at the checkroom of the Bantuin. Please note that this is unattended and therefore at your own risk.

Next edition will use the so-called bib tag to time the participants. The Racetimer bib tag is attached to your start number. The only action the participant must perform is pinning on his/her start number. This means you don’t need a shoelace chip. Returning the chip is not required. In addition to accurate timekeeping, the chip offers personalized video. To do this, click on the camera icon in the results after the event.

Sports in heat
Running in various weather conditions can pose risks. In this article from SPORTgericht, you can read about what running events, among other measures, take to reduce risks. You can also read for yourself what you can do to eliminate necessary risks.

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