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Koenen en Co Business Run

The world is becoming flat. By this, economists mean that it is becoming increasingly easy to communicate, work but also compete globally. Even more than in the past, speed is therefore indispensable in business . And you can test that speed: the Arrow Venloop offers companies the opportunity to measure themselves against each other in terms of endurance and speed.

The Koenen en Co Businessrun will be held on the half marathon, 10 kilometers and 5 kilometers. Each participating company delegates a minimum of three and a maximum of five people per team. The finishing time of the three fastest counts.

Which company leaves all competitors behind? Which company offers its employees a unique opportunity for the ultimate team building by sending a delegation to the Arrow Venloop? Register your teams now. Of course, participating companies get access to the special VIP lounge, because in addition to outdoing your competitors, building a network is one of your main goals during the Arrow Venloop.

The Koenen en Co Business Run is enjoying increasing interest. Employees are increasingly signing up as teams for one of the many running races and trim runs in the Netherlands at their employer’s expense. Achieving an athletic performance together is good for the collegial relations within your company and also creates motivated and healthy employees within your organization. In addition, a Business Run gives you a chance to put yourself and your company in the spotlight.

The Koenen en Co Business Run is an excellent opportunity to promote team spirit within your company. Playing an individual sport in a team setting can give you an extra incentive to achieve athletic achievement. Also, it gives you opportunities to live towards such a day weeks or months in advance, by training together or simply talking about it, for example. Some rivalry between teams within your organization is not inconceivable in this regard. Perhaps you will link your own company championship to the Arrow Venloop.

Either way, the Koenen en Co Business Run is a great opportunity to put down a sporting performance in a fun way with staff or associates. The Business Run also gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies and institutions in an informal way, during or after the run. In short, we cordially invite you to the Koenen en Co Businessrun of the Arrow Venloop on Sunday 24 March 2024.

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