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Frequently Asked Questions

Shirt exchange
If the item you ordered does not fit, you can exchange it. Return the shirt in its original packaging to the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14, 5911 KB Venlo. For completeness, please add a bill to the envelope with your name and address information and, of course, your desired size. We will then send this size (if in stock) back to you. In addition, it is also possible to come and exchange the shirt at the office. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

How can I report my cancellation? 
You can cancel by sending an email to In case of a cancellation that is known to us no later than 3 months before the start of the event in question, the paid registration fee minus € 5 administration costs will be refunded. Cancellations after this time will not refund the registration fee paid in accordance with our terms and conditions. If this is the case, you may be better off finding someone yourself who wants to take over your starting ticket .

I want to make changes regarding my enrollment.
In your registration confirmation you will find a link to the “self-change form.” This form allows you to make changes to your enrollment. Think of a change of address, a new e-mail address, etc. Please note: you can change your details until the pre-registration closes.

Can I transfer my starter pack to another hiker?
You can transfer your starting number to another participant via a form that will be online at the beginning of March. In accordance with our terms and conditions, this is also the only permitted way to transfer your starting number. The original participant’s name will be printed on the start number, however, the new participant will appear under his/her own name in the results list. Please note: the new name will not be shown when ‘registration check‘ . It is important to note that you can only transfer the start number once and it is not possible to change the distance.

The new participant must complete the transfer form. In doing so, you do need some information from the current participant, namely the start number, zip code and date of birth. Under no circumstances does the organization pass on participant data or mediate between participants with respect to transfer. €3,-  will be charged for the transfer by means of a one-time direct debit. Upon completion of the transfer process, you will receive a transfer confirmation email. Finally, participants should make sure among themselves that the start number reaches the correct (new) participant, as it is not possible to pass on a change of address for this purpose. Venloop Foundation does not intervene in the transfer of a start number. Participants are responsible for the proper registration and transfer of the physical race number.

Will I be sent my starter kit?
You can check this in your registration confirmation.

When will I receive my starting number? 
The starter packages of the participants who registered before 26 February and have chosen to receive the starting number will be sent on 10 March. They are expected at your home the week of March 13. The start numbers were all sent separately, no consideration will be given to the same last names, same addresses or date of registration.

Participants who have registered after 26 February must pick up their starter package at the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion in the Julianapark in Venlo. See also the diagram below:

  Closed Sent Didn’t receive your starting number?
Start numbers
February 26 March 10 Check in confirmation email whether start number would be sent or not. If yes, pick up reservation number at registration desk, see frequently asked questions for location and time
Start numbers
N/a. N/a. Pick up at registration office, see question below for location and time

What if I do not receive my starter kit in the mail in a timely manner?
If you actually get it sent to you, but did not receive it in the mail on time, please report to the Trouble Desk at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion in Juliana Park. Walkers can visit on the Friday before the Neptune Walk, between 12:00 – 5:00 pm.

Where and when can I pick up my starter kit?
Start packages to be picked up will be ready at the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion in Juliana Park. Walkers can visit on the Friday before the Neptune Walk, between 12:00 – 5:00 pm. Julianapark is located between the Deken van Oppensingel and the Burgemeester van Rijnsingel in Venlo.

Can I still have my start number sent to me?
If you have chosen not to have your starting number sent, but still want to have it sent, you can order this option via our webshop until 25 February 2024.

What time should I finish at the latest during the Neptune Walk?
All walkers and participants of the Walk & Wheels must finish before 17:00 on the Saturday of the Neptune Walking Tour .

Can I exchange my hiking polo shirt?
Yes, it is possible to exchange your ordered walking polo (while stocks last), but only if the shirt is still in its original packaging and within four weeks of delivery.

You can exchange the running shirt/hiking polo shirt in two ways. You can exchange the running shirt / walking polo at the office of the Arrow Venloop (Koninginnesingel 14, 5911 KB Venlo). You may also choose to exchange the shirt/hiking polo by mail. If you wish to exchange the polo by mail, please make sure that the envelope in which you send the shirt is sufficiently stamped and clearly state which size you would like to receive from us. It is advisable to contact us in advance to check if your desired size is still in stock.

Where can I park on Saturday?
Both participants and spectators of the Neptunus Walking Tour can use the following parking garages:

  • Maaswaard – Prinsessesingel – 5912 AG Venlo
  • Maasboulevard – Prinsessesingel 5 – 5931 HS Venlo
  • Nolens Square – Msgr. Nolensplein 50 – 5911 GG Venlo
  • Barracks site municipality of Venlo – Garnizoenweg 3 – 5928 NA Venlo

The parking facilities at the Lage Loswal and the Maaskade are also accessible as usual via St. Urbanusweg.
The Barracks area is located about 500 meters from the start and finish location.

When does the Venloop breakfast take place?
Prior to the Neptunus Walking Tour you can enjoy a delicious Venloop breakfast from 6:00 am to 11:30 am in the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion in Venlo’s Julianapark.

Are Nordic Walking poles allowed during the Neptune Walking Tour?
Nordic Walking poles are not allowed during the Neptune Walking Tour. Or other walking events of Stichting Venloop.

My question is not listed here, what should I do?
If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can contact us via the contact form on the website.

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