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Aartsen Avond4Daagse

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Aartsen Avond4Daagse

The Aartsen Evening 4Daagse is a walking event in which participants walk a distance of 6 or 12 kilometers each evening. The distance will be indicated at registration and cannot be changed during the event. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the start and finish will take place at the Kazerneterrein, Garnizoenweg in Venlo. On Friday, only the start will take place at the Kazerneterrein, with the finish on the square in front of the Limburgs Museum.

Since 2016, the organization of the Aartsen Evening4Daagse has been handled entirely by the Venloop, making the Aartsen Evening4Daagse a full part of the Venloop and perfectly aligned with the goals and atmosphere of VenloopKids. Both children and adults may participate in the Archers Evening 4Day. Everyone is welcome! And so in 2022, the Aartsen Evening 4Daagse won first prize at the sports gala in the category of recreational sports.

Date Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 is known!

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 will take place from Tuesday 14
to Friday 17 May 2024

Cost of participation

The costs of a pre-registration for the Aartsen Avond4Daagse are € 6,- incl. VAT per person, both for an individual registration and for a group registration. The post-registration is € 8,- incl. VAT. Unfortunately, there is no ATM machine available and we ask that in case of post-registration you bring the amount in cash.

Register Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024

Participants cannot currently register for the Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024. Keep a close eye on our website and VenloopKids Facebook page , so that you are the first to know when registration opens.

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